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Ranch Rules & Pet Privileges

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Sorry, but the following items are No, No's, and Strictly Prohibited. If these rules are broken, guests and visitors may be told to checkout, or leave the ranch immediately without refunds or credit for early departures.

No Pets in the Cabins

No Pets Loose on the Ranch

No Barn Admission

No Hunting on the Ranch Property

No Smoking in the Cabins

No ATV Driving on the Ranch Property, other than the Driveway with Prior Permission

No Trapping on the Ranch Property

No Outside Open Fires Unless at the Bunkhouse Fire Ring/Pit or Guest House Fire Pit/Grill

No Glass Beverage Cups, Bottles or Containers in Hot Tub, at Deck Area, or Outside Fire Ring/Pit Area (Plastic only Please)

No Ranch Guest Under 21 is Permitted to Make Reservations, or Stay Without Adult Supervision

No Under-Age Drinking or Illegal Drug use on Ranch Property or in Cabins

No Ranch Events, Parties or Gatherings: Initiated, Announced, or Advertised by Guests or Visitors without Prior Permission and Noted on Reservation

No Littering, Dumping, Digging, Defacing, or Graffiti Done on Ranch Property or Structures

No Fireworks or firearms on Ranch without Prior Permission and noted on Reservation (All Hunters/Ranchers are required to list own personal Firearms in their possession when on the Ranch.)

Pleasant, Polite and Peaceful Pet Privileges

Yes, we are on a Guest Ranch, which has lots of animals. So to help keep all guests, visitors along with the Ranch animals safe and happy, we need to set the following rules for our visiting pets at the Ranch. We would like to also remind you that we are located in a mountain range area with many wild animals. We are known for our large population of the Pronghorn Antelope. We do get many wild animals on and surrounding the Ranch, so please be careful and kind. Please remember that these animals are here to be watched photographed and enjoyed. The following pet rules need to be followed very sincerely. If the following rules are not adhered to, you may be asked to leave the Ranch and no refunds will be given for any outstanding days or nights on your reservation. Please follow and abide by the following rules so all can enjoy their vacations and experiences at the Ranch. J4Brehm's Ranch is not responsible for any visiting pets' injuries due to any situations on the Ranch. Visiting and or Guest pets are self and pet owner liable; liable for themselves and any damage caused by them.

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No pets permitted in the Cabins.

Pets are Permitted on the Ranch but outside boarding only or in Guests' or Visitors' vehicles.

Visitors and or Guests bringing pets are responsible for their pets at all times, including cleaning up after the... waste droppings picked-up immediately and discarded properly in manure pit or outside garbage can.

Pets need to be Leashed, Tied or Boarded; no visitors' or guests' pets free roaming on Ranch at any time.

Barking Dogs can also be annoying to other guests so please provide your pet with something to keep them happy and quiet.

Outside dog kennel areas may be available so please request during your reservation time or at check-in for availability.

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